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Hachikuro Mascot
Hachikuro merchandiseHagu statue

Anyone who read Memento on a regular basis will know that I really like an anime series titled Honey and Clover. The series was one of the most popular series in Japan last year. For some reason, the popularity propels some people to create a cafe called, Hachikuro cafe. The cafe is located in Odaiba, in order to get to Odaiba, you can either take the JR Yamanote line or the Tokyo Metro’s Ginza line to Shimbashi station. From this station, you can take the Yurikamome Monorail which will drop you at Odaiba Koen. After this, walk towards a building called Decks. The building consists of cafes and shops and is divided into several areas. If you go all the way here with the intention of finding the Hachikuro cafe, you need to go the the 3rd Floor of an area called ‘Island Mall’. Near its entrance, you’ll find the cafe.

The first thing that I noticed is that this is a very small cafe which doesn’t have that many chairs/tables in it. After I took some pictures, I approached the souvenir sections. There are several goods on sale here but unfortunately I am not interested in most of them because they are the kinds of things that I don’t collect (stuffed animals, shot glass, mug, cell phone straps, etc). I did buy some clear files. I’ll try to scan them and post the picture on Memento once I go back home. The cafe is decorated with pictures of the characters (with signatures from the voice actors) and a big Hagu statue. There’s also a big stuffed animal in the form of Hachikuro mascot placed on the entrance of the shop so you can’t possibly miss the shop when you enter the ‘Island Mall’ area.

Inside the cafeFrom outsideMessage from Yuki
Hachikuro cafeRainbow bridgeMcDonald's Ebi burger

Unfortunately it seems the menu on the cafe has changed from the first time it was opened. I remember that it used to have a much more fun and diverse menu. Nowadays, however, the cafe only serves drinks and snacks. *sigh* I was so looking to have that blue-cheese/honey Pizza. Oh well. I ended up only ordering the lemonade since I wasn’t that hungry back then. The lemonade was pretty good although it is rather pricey for a lemonade (around 350 Yen). Since there’s nothing else to see inside the cafe, I decided to walk around the building and after a few minutes, decided to get out of it. There seems to be an interesting area on the top floor that tries to imitate the back alley of Hong Kong inside a shopping mall. I was too tired to do further investigation, however, so I didn’t bother to take any picture. Maybe next time.

Having said that, it’d be silly to come all this way just to see the Cafe. Odaiba itself is a landmark place. From the Decks’s observatory area, you can clearly see the Rainbow Bridge. Yes, this is the bridge where Seishirou and Subaru from X TV staged their final fight against one another. Since I took the monorail, I actually went through the bridge. The view was really good although I’ll bet it’s even better at night. If I have time, I think I’ll try to go again during night time. There is actually a Ferris Wheel nearby in Venus Fort. I don’t think this is the one that the gang from Hachikuro went to. However, I think Mayama mentioned about it in the series. Anyway, eventually I got hungry and I decide to have McDonald’s for a change. Besides, McDonald’s in Japan tends to be better than the ones in other countries.

Fuji TelevisionVenus Fort's Ferris Wheel
The view from the escalatorYour Shounen Jump friends

True enough, I actually managed to have a rather decent burger here. It’s a new one they introduced for the season called Ebi-burger. It’s a burger filled with prawns, topped with some kind of thousand island sauce. This and Teriyaki Burger has to be some of the better McDonald’s burgers, I’ve tasted. After lunch, I decided to head towards the Fuji Television Building, thinking that they may have some good merchandise there. The building itself looks really good. There is some kind of tower which you can go up to (after paying 500 Yen) if you want to take a good look at Tokyo’s Metropolitan area from a high place. I personally think it’s a waste of money though so unless you’re that desperate to see it, I suggest that you save your Yen to buy other things.

After the tower, I decided to go to Fuji TV’s shop, which I kind of hoped will sell either Hachikuro or Nodame Cantabile merchandises. Unfortunately, the shop doesn’t seem to have that many merchandise for Noitamina series or for that matter, the more mature series aired on Fuji TV. I did, however, see many One Piece and Dragonball merchandise so if you like both series, you’re in luck. There’s also some kind of exhibition on the new live-action Saiyuki starring Katori Shingo. Anyway, since there isn’t that many things to see inside the building, I decided to go to Venus Fort, where apparently Paradise Kiss shop is opened. That, however, will have to wait until the next post since I have to go now.


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  1. seichan80 January 28th, 2006 5:27 pm

    moe-sied here from memento. love the pretty photos and thorough reviews. i will definitely use this site as a reference should i ever get a chance to visit japan. thanks.

  2. jonske January 29th, 2006 12:07 am

    cool stories of your adventures in japan. i hope i can visit/work in japan in the not too distant future ^^

  3. Bellis January 29th, 2006 8:18 am

    I’ve been to Hachikuro Cafe the other time too! But I didn’t have a chance to try their food. I only took a photo of the entrance, and at that time, 2 guys inside the cafe were looking at me strangely (I think they were also whispering). Probably they must have thought “This girl is an Otaku!” XD

    Live-action Saiyuki is actually a dorama on Monday 9 pm. They took the story concept from the China’s Saiyuki, but I think they change quite a bit. Because it looks so funny. I couldn’t help laughing whenever I try to watch it. I very much prefer the China’s version.

    I’m looking forward to your entry on the ParaKiss Shop. I didn’t know it was in Odaiba, or else I would have tried to visit it no matter how tired I was that day.

  4. Fenri January 29th, 2006 1:19 pm


    Obaida seems to be such a wonderful hihg-tech place. Is it really comortable there?

    I’ve only been to Kyoto for two days – and enjoyed it very much. Japan is such a busy place with so many varieties in clothing, food, and tecnology. The energy in California is uncomparable to the energy in Japan – Don’t you agree?

  5. Epi January 29th, 2006 5:45 pm

    AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! I just realized that I had walked right by the Hachikuro Cafe when I was in Japan this summer and I didn’t realize it. I distinctly remember seeing that storefront while on my search for lunch inside Decks/Aqua City, but at the time I hadn’t seen the series yet so I had no idea what it was.

    Damn =(

  6. wildarmsheero January 29th, 2006 7:30 pm

    That Hagu statue scares me.

  7. Menouthis January 29th, 2006 7:42 pm

    Bellis, I think anyone who actually eat/drink inside that cafe is likely to be some kind of a fan of the series. I think there’s a slim chance that anyone who’s not a fan will just walk in there and order something when there are other, more interesting cafes (with diverse selection of drinks and foods) around the area.

    Fenri, Odaiba felt relaxed when I went there. Maybe because I went during weekday instead of weekends so it was comparatively quiet.

  8. Kaddie February 6th, 2006 3:20 pm

    I’m currently working on a Honey & Clover fansite. I stumbled on your blog entry while searching for images of the cafe. Would you mind if I used some of your pictures on my webpage? I’d credit you for them & definitely wouldn’t direct link.

  9. Menouthis February 9th, 2006 2:22 am

    Kaddie, as long as you credit the site, feel free to do so. And can I please get the address of the fansite as well? Thx.

  10. Bz3rk February 23rd, 2006 7:50 pm

    Thanks for the pics and info; I plan on stopping by here when I visit Tokyo in May. Actually, I thought that was the Ferris Wheel from the show. In that episode they take the Sumida River cruise (from Asakusa most likely) to Odaiba.

  11. [...] like those in this country? Maybe, but I doubt if we’ll have anything like this one: the Hachikuro Cafe. Quite literally, it’s a cafe dedicated to Hachikuro itself (video) with Hachikuro goods and [...]

  12. eulalie April 20th, 2011 7:43 pm

    i have a question, do you know if Hachikuro Cafe is still open?

    thanks in advance.
    best regards

  13. Menouthis April 26th, 2011 6:46 pm

    Hachikuro cafe is no longer open as far as I know.

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