Osaka 2007

Toro, Kani, and Gari sushi

After my last visit to Japan, I promised that I’d go to other parts of Japan that I didn’t manage to visit the first time around. This includes Hiroshima and Miyajima island. The reason I couldn’t go before was because Hiroshima is too far from Tokyo. Let’s say I leave Tokyo around 10am in the morning using Shinkansen, I’d be arriving there around 4-5pm, which is kind of moot. Because of that, I decided to spend one week in Osaka so I can go to Hiroshima and lower parts of Japan more easily. This means I will be able to go to Kyoto, Nagoya, and Kobe without spending too much time inside the Shinkansen.

I just arrived in Osaka yesterday and I’m still a bit tired so I’ll blog about Osaka tomorrow. For now, I’ll just show some of the foods that I’ve had while I was in Tokyo for 2 days (to watch Evangelion 1:0) and what I had in Osaka yesterday. I had this really nice Inari sushi bowl. This is pretty much warm rice topped with your favorite seafood dish. I ordered the tuna, crab, and ginger set which included a miso soup. If you go to Japan, I really recommend this. Unfortunately I forget the name of the shop but I don’t think it’s important since there are many shops which sell this kind of dish.

Ice cream in Choux pieMackerel sushi
TakoyakiGreen Tea and Kuromitsu Haagen Dasz

If you go to Shinjuku station, there’s this stall that sells Hirota ice cream. This is ice cream encased inside a Choux pie. They’re pretty cheap (100 Yen) and comes in variety of taste from Green tea to Sesame seed. They’re pretty good too for a 100 Yen ice cream. Word of warning though, if you buy it to take home, make sure you properly guesstimate the length of time it’ll take for you to reach your fridge. The reason for this is because the sales assistant will put in some ice inside the bag to ensure that the ice cream inside the Choux pie does not melt. I had one melt on me because I didn’t eat it quickly.

I also had some all-you-can-eat Sushi. That was pretty bad although there were occasions where I got some good stuff like the Mackerel sushi shown above and the Wagyu Beef. In general, however, I’d avoid all-you-can-eat anything in the future. Unless…it’s all-you-can-eat Beef. Anyway, when I arrived at Osaka yesterday, I decided to purchase some Takoyaki. There are many Takoyaki sellers here and apparently the taste of the Takoyaki differs from one seller to another. The one that I had was pretty good (8 giant balls for 482 Yen). To washed the taste, I had a Green Tea and Kuromitsu ice.

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