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Lady Borden

I just went to Kyoto yesterday and after another hot day, I thought I’d get this cheap chocolate ice cream from a vending machine to cool myself off. Much to my surprise, the ice cream was quite good. They were in the shape of 6 chocolate Bon Bons. The brand name is “Lady Borden”. The strange thing was, I couldn’t seem to find the brand anywhere else (combini, shopping mall, etc). I’m pretty sure that just like any other ice cream in Japan, it’s made by Lotte and that brand can be found easily at any combini. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case with this particular item.

Anyway, moving along, I had a brunch inside Osaka station since I missed breakfast earlier that day. I knew I wouldn’t be able to get lunch once I arrived in Kyoto since I’d be too busy walking from one temple to another. I can no longer remember the name of the place but it’s a typical vending machine eatery. I ordered some kind of Chicken Katsu and much to my surprise, it came not only with Rice and Miso Soup (which are typical of a set menu in Japan), but also with some pickles and soft tofu. It was tasty albeit a bit too much portion-wise.

Chicken KatsuOden

I didn’t feel like eating another carb-filled menu for dinner so I ended up just buying 5 pieces of Oden from the local Combini (convenient shop). Due to the extremely cheap price (60 Yen per piece), I thought the taste would be crappy but it’s actually pretty good. I really like that you can serve yourself and choose what kind of Oden you want in your takeaway bowl. My favorite Oden would have to be this piece of fried fish cake. The fried tofu was pretty good as well.


Fast forward today, I decided to buy a dango for breakfast. Well, it wasn’t my kind of food. It’s actually salty whereas I thought it would be sweet. I don’t regret that I tried it though and I did like the chewy texture. For lunch, I stopped at Matsuya and no, I’m not referring to the department store. This Matsuya is just a chain of eatery that is frequently visited by salarymen and students. You order using a vending machine and the foods are the Japanese/Korean variety. I ordered the Gyuudon and it came with this raw egg – which I didn’t eat.

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